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Unique offer: trainings in tourism and traveling in different parts of Georgia

Learning, traveling and recreation at the same time!

You will have two weeks training course and interesting tourist routs as well. This program will give you an opportunity to enlarge your knowledge in practice and have a good rest in Georgia at the same time.

“Training and Travel” gives you an opportunity to get deep and systemic knowledge, raise your professional qualification in tourism. The programs are provided for students interested in tourism but also for those who works in this field. For those who are interested in hotel business, business relationships or the working principles of travel companies, compiling tourist routs, management and also for those who are interested in the profession of tourist guide.

You will make a lot of friends and partners and you if you complete the course you will receive a certificate.

Trainings are conducted by qualified trainers.

We offer the following trainings: Tourism and Hotel Management + Business Communications

Administrators and reservation service trainings

Training to improve the Quality of Service (Service+)

To plan and manage the tour

Tourist Guide

Two week project (Tour+Training)




4day-Kakheti (Tbilisi-Sighnaghi-Kvareli-tsinandali-Tbilisi) 5day-Training


7day-Free day


9day-Borjomi (Tbilisi-Borjomi-Tbilisi)

10day- Training

11day-Pshavi(Tbilisi-Chargali-Maghalos Kari-tbilisi)



14day-Free day