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Airsoft -  is a game in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called airsoft guns. The aim of this game is to develop different skills, like building attack, building reinforcement, unexpected and silent attack on the opponent's base.


The climate of Georgia is favourable for Paragliding during the whole year.  There is no doubt, that Paragliding gives you an opportunity to see the picturesque view of Georgia and feel the freedom without any obstacles.


Diving is one of the most popular type of tourism in Georgia. This activity gives you an opportunity to see the underwater world of the country and relax. We offer you diving tours in Sarfi, Kvariati, Tsikhisdziri and lake Paliastomi.

Fishing and Hunting

In ancient time, fishing and hunting was a way to survive, but then it turned into entertainment,  relaxation and pleasure. Georgia with its flora and fauna gives you an opportunity to fulfill your plans and dreams in fishing and hunting.


If you are fond of motosport, “Play in Georgia”  offers you  extreme sports. You will  plunge into the world of adrenaline with our qualified instructors.